Case 1:

Mr. Feng discovered that the explosion of the kitchen hose in the house caused serious damage to the entire teak floor. It also affected the leakage of ceilings downstairs. Mr. Feng immediately faced an accident and immediately went to the bank to apply for a loan. Due to the complexity of bank loan procedures, the applicant must also have a good credit history. The approval time is at least two weeks or three weeks and it is not likely to help Mr. Feng. When Mr. Feng was unhappy, he saw the company’s advertisement immediately contact the newspaper. In the end, Mr. Feng successfully obtained a loan within 24 hours. Mr. Feng’s problem can be solved eventually.

Case 2:

Ms. Chen is engaged in the purchase of toys. She owes many credit cards many years ago. The amount of card and cash advances is used for cash flow, which is often plagued by the number of cards. Because both Hong Kong and China need work, they are unable to repay loans on schedule and often bear heavy interest costs and related administrative expenses. After learning about it online, your company will contact us for consultation. We will quickly clear all the cards of Miss Chen. . We re-arranged Miss Chen’s money to save more interest expenses.

Case 3:

Mr. Wong is the owner of SMEs. In 2011, he paid the first cash + bank mortgage to become the new owner. Moving new homes is in urgent need of renovations and the purchase of new furniture. Later on the Internet, he learned that our company is a Hong Kong loan company, focusing on construction, telephone, free valuation, 24-hour meeting, Mr. Huang financing in time for the second mortgage, and there is no referral fee. Near the Lunar New Year, Mr. Huang desperately needed cash to solve business and food transfers last week and asked us again. Due to its well-recorded contribution, there is still room for property valuation. Upon review, our company immediately approved the new loan.

Our revolving loan has solved one cash flow problem after another for Mr. Huang. The company also reserved a reserve for Mr. Huang. How much money is used, how much interest, and interest is reduced. With this loan, Mr. Huang can flexibly finance his business. Two years later, in 2013, Mr. Huang's business progressed smoothly and his monthly income was relatively stable. Our company suggests that he can transfer to SME loans. We assist him in dealing with complex applications to achieve a successful performance, and ultimately the success of the transfer.

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