E Cash Ltd. ("the Company") will do its best to protect the privacy of the data from time to time in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. This circular informs our customers and other individuals about our company's data policy.

1 The data subject needs to provide relevant information to the company from time to time when opening or renewing an account, establishing or extending credit, or requesting the company to provide services.
2 Failure to provide such information to the company may result in the inability of the company to open or extend credit or provide financial services.
3 In the course of normal business dealings between the data subject and the company, the company will also collect data from the data parties. For example, apply for a loan or extend a loan account.
4 Information from the data subject may be used for the following purposes:
(a) Providing services and credit facilities to the daily operation of customers;
(b) A credit investigation conducted when the data subject applied for credit, and one or more periodic or special examinations each year;
(c) Prepare and maintain of the company's credit scoring model;
(d) Ensure that the data subject maintains reliable credit;
(e) Financial services or related products designed to be used by data subjects;
(f) promotion of financial services or related products and other promotional titles (for details, please refer to Article 7 below);
(g) Calculate the debt between the company and the data subject;
(h) Recovering the arrears from the data subject and the person who provided the mortgage for the data subject's liability;
(i) Disclosures made by the company to comply with any requirements of its binding legislation;
(j) Enable the company's implementation or proposed transferee, or the participant's or sub-participant's rights to the data subject's rights to evaluate the transaction intended to be assigned, participated or affiliated with the participation; and
(k) Uses related to the above.

5 The company will keep the information of its data held by the parties confidential, but the company may provide such information to the following parties for the purposes listed in Article 4:

(A) Aany agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides the company with administrative, telecommunications, computer, payment or other services related to the business operations of the company;
(b) Any person who has a duty of confidentiality to the company, including companies within the company group that have promised to keep the information confidential;
(c) credit information agencies; and when the customer owes the money, they can provide the data to the debt collection company;
(d) The Company is obliged to disclose to anyone under the legally binding requirements of the Company; and
(f) Any participant or sub-participant or assignee of the company that implements or recommends the transferee or the rights of the company to the customer.

6 In accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance and the Code of Practice for Personal Credit Data approved and issued under the Ordinance, any data subject has the right to:

(a) Check whether the company holds his information and consults such information;
(b) Request the company to correct any inaccurate information about him;
(c) To ascertain the company's policies and practices regarding the data and to be informed of the types of personal data held by the company;
(d) Enquiries and responses from the Company, the types of personal data that are routinely disclosed to credit information agencies or debt collection agencies, and the provision of further information by the company for the purpose of submitting and correcting data to relevant credit reference agencies or debt collection agencies Requirements; and
(e) At the end of the account, if the account has been fully repaid, the company may be instructed to request the credit reference agency to delete the account information provided by the company from the database. However, the directive must be issued within five years after the closing of the account. There is no record of over 60 days in the account within five years immediately before the end of the account. If the account is in arrears for more than 60 days, the credit reference agency may retain the relevant records until the expiration of 5 years from the date of full settlement of the debt, or 5 years from the effective date of the withdrawal of the bankruptcy order received by the company. , whichever occurs earlier.

7 Use Information for Direct Promotion
     The company intends to use the data of the data subject for direct marketing and the company must obtain the data subject's consent for this purpose (including the data party does not object to the representation), so please note the following:


      (a) The names, contact details, product and service portfolio information, trading patterns and practices, financial background and statistical information of the parties held by the company may be used by the company for direct marketing from time to time;

      (b) The following service categories can be promoted:
              (i) Credit and related services and products and credits;
              (ii) rewards, seniority incentives or concession plans and related services and products;
              (iii) services and products provided by the Company's joint partners (as set out in the application form for related services and products); and
              (iv) Donations and funding for charitable and/or non-profit making purposes.

       (c) The above services, products and promotional objects may be provided or solicited by the Company and/or the following persons (if donations and funding are involved):
               (i) any member of the Group;
               (ii) third-party financial institutions;
               (iii) Third-Party Rewards, Senior Rewards, Joint Co-operation and Concession Plan Providers;
               (iv) the joint venture partners of the Company and the Group (the name of the joint partner, as the case may be, will be provided on the application form for related services and products; and
               (v) Charitable or non-profit organization.

(d) In addition to the promotion of the above services, products and targets by the Company, the Company also intends to provide all or any of the persons listed in the above Article 7(a) to the above Article 7(c). For the promotion of the above-mentioned services, products and targets, and the company must obtain the consent of the data subject for this purpose (including the expression that the data subject has no objection); and

(e) The Company may provide information in return for money or other property if the company provides the information to other persons as described in paragraph 7(d) above. If the company receives any financial or other property rewards for providing information to other parties, the company will notify the data subject when the parties to the data requested in paragraph 7(d) above agree or have no objection.


If the data subject does not want the company to use or provide its data to other parties for the purposes of direct marketing as described above, the data subject may notify the company to exercise its right not to agree to this arrangement.

8 According to the terms of the Ordinance, the company has the right to charge a reasonable fee for handling any request for access to the data.

9 Any request for checking or correcting data, or requesting information about data policies and practices or the types of data held, should be made to the following persons:

     Easy Cash Limited
     Room 1308, Kai Tak Commercial Building, 7-319 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan
      Phone: 2383 8777
      Fax: 2383 8766

10 When the company approves a credit application, it may refer to the credit information agency providing the customer’s credit report. If the client is interested in obtaining the relevant report, he may request the company to provide contact details of the credit reference agency.

11 This notice does not limit data subjects’ rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

The Chinese translation is for reference only. If there is a difference between the Chinese text and the English text, the English version shall prevail. If necessary, please ask the company for the English version.

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